Village of Lyons Falls



The Village of Lyons Falls is set in the Foot Hills of the  Adirondacks and Tug Hill Region. The Village is in the Townships of West Turin and Lyonsdale. Lyons Falls is where the Moose River meets the Black River.

Besides offering local attractions such as dining locations, lodging, historical sites, parks, and a variety of recreational activities, the Village also offers residents and visitor a beautiful view of its 70 ft. waterfall.


FUN FACTS about the Village of Lyons Falls


Lyons Falls had a three-way bridge from 1849-1964. The Three-Way Bridge was built in 1849 and connected the Greig Road, Laura Street, and Franklin Street. The original wooden bridge was refurbished in 1916 and was turned into a steel bridge.The Three-Way Bridge at Lyons Falls was the only one in the United States.The bridge was torn down in 1964 and separate bridges were built over the Black River and Moose River. (Lyons Falls History Association).

The Black River that runs through the Village of Lyons Falls is one of the few rivers in the world that defies the idea that rivers flow in a southward direction. The Black River in Lyons Falls like the Nile River in Africa flows in a northward direction.



The Market will open Tuesday June 17, 2014 and the last day of the season will be October 07, 2014. The hours will still be the same, 12 noon to 6 P.M.

 There will be various special events/visitors each week.  We will do our best to keep the special events on our website.

The Village would like to thank Gary and Rosita Mavis for their many volunteer hours as managers of the Farmers' Market. If you would like to be a vendor give the Mavis' a call at 348-5167.

The Lyons Falls Firemen and EMT's will again provide their delicious BBQ's lunch at the Market, rain or shine. The lunches will be in the Auxiliary building. They will have their famous chicken salads plus new additions.

Village News

Skating Rink: The pavilion skating rink at Riverside Park is open from daylight to 9 pm; there are skates at the rink for people to borrow and return to the container. Children must accompanied by an adult. 

Welcome: Anne Huntress was elected to the Village Board; also Mike Skorupa and Ron Dorrity were re-elected to the Village Board as well.

New Village Street Signs: Thanks to the NYS CHIPS program our village has all new signs....check them out.

Waste Water study: Go to this link at Tug Hill Commission to read the results of the study: http/

Check out Blue Way's new website:

Kathy Levesque is now the Vital Statistics Registrar and Aggie Walker is the Deputy Registrat. Kathy is also in charge of the Handicap parking permits for your car. You may contact Kathy at the Village office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 11 am. The office phone number is 348-5081.




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